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The Triforce of Timre by ShadowsofTime
Summary: Write a story about the theoretical Fourth Triforce: The Tiforce of Timre, or the Triforce of Shadows, if you will. Please explain a background for the Triforce Goddess and why she doesn't appear in any game (Example: she died, doesn't exist in The Kingdom of Hyrule, etc.). Be sure to explain how the Fourth Triforce would fit into Hyrule's history and how it would affect the Legend of Zelda.

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: None ]

The War for the Triforce by DarkForceLink
Summary: You must tell a story of how the war went when it was fought for the Triforce, dont forget to bring in the sages that they sealed awy the Triforce.

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: None ]

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