Sailor Darkness comes to Hyrule by Sailor Darkness
Summary: This is the story of Sailor Darkness's adventures in Hyrule. This is a Sailor Moon/Zelda cross-over. I don't own any of the characters except Sailor Darkness.
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Chapter 1 by Sailor Darkness
Author's Notes:
There is some violence in this chapter but not much. And one swear.
A girl known as Sailor Darkness looked at her surroundings. "Hmmm. This isn't right." she murmured. She looked over her shoulder only to see the portal had closed. "Get her! She's a sorceress!" a man's voice yelled. "Uh-oh. This is not good." said Sailor Darkness.She backflipped to avoid a thrown stick. Really? That's the best they've got? I could teach them a thing or two.She thought and drew out her Darkness Rod. "Dark Blast!" she yelled unleashing a powerful blast of dark magic from her Darkness Rod. Several of the villagers leapt back. "Damn she's fast!" yelled one villager. "What is going on here?" demanded a woman's voice. Ready for another fight Sailor Darkness whirled around and stood there astonished. "Neo Queen Serenity?" she asked in a whisper. "I am Queen Zelda of Hyrule. You!" cried Queen Zelda pointing to the leader of the attacking villagers. "You should know better than to attack strangers. She could be hurt. As a matter of fact she is hurt," said Queen Zelda. "Now go!" She turned to Sailor Darkness after the villagers had left. "Do you need a horse?" she asked. "No. It's just my arm." said Sailor Darkness informally. 
End Notes:
I'm unsure if I should continue this story. Will readers please review this and let me know?
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