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:::The Rain At My Window:::

I Listen To The Rain,
As I Stare Out The Window.
I Wait For You To Come And Find Me.
As I Sit Here,
The Time Just Ticks Away.
I Wait,
And I Wait,
But You Never Came To Find Me.
My Tears Just Fall Down My Cheaks,
As I Realize You Are Never Going To Come.
The Rain Just Comes Down Harder,
And Harder,
As I Continue To Cry.
My Memories Of You Flow Through Me,
As I Sit Here And Listen To The Rain.
Night Begins To Fall,
And You, My Love,
Still Haven't Came And Found Me.
I Turn Away From The Window,
Fresh Tears Now Falling.
Just As I Give Up,
I Hear The Sound Of Your Voice.
You Come And Sit Next To Me,
We Both Stare Out The Window,
As The Rain Begins To Stop.
You, Put Your Arms Around Me,
As The Time Ticks Away.
I Just Wish Time Would Stand Still,
That Way I Sit Here With You Forever.

As The Moon Begins To Rise,
You Tell Me How Much I Mean To You.
You Tell Me How Much You Love Me,
Then You Take Your Arms Off Of Me,
And You Leave Me Alone.
I Sit Here And Stare Out The Window,
As The Rain Begins To Fall.
Fresh Tears Begin To Run Down My Cheaks.
I Sit Here At The Window,
As I Wait For My One True Love,
To Come Back To Me...

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