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In life she had the courage
and yet I shed a tear because she did
what no one else could
she became the Sage of Forest.

In life she had the wisdom
to feel that the spirits were
being disturbed by evil
she tried to stop the evil
but failed and I never saw her again
until one day I ran into him,
the guy who was her friend and his fairy, Navi
then I recognized them both
and said go to the temple and save the new sage.

They asked in a stupid way who was the new sage
for then I said Saria but then they got very upset
and played her song to find out if it was true
and it was.

When they returned Saria was not with them
but I understood why
for the reason unknown I just said go to Death Mountain
and save Hyrule.

So they headed off to the mountain and all I did
was shed a tear of joy in which I knew
now I would not see her again.

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