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The Moons Rays:

The rays from a hidden moon seep through graying clouds as you fight to the death.

I sit here and I watch you from behind a dying forest.

Your opponent strikes you with a fatal blow.

Tears build up in my eyes as I watch you slowly fall.

Your crimson blood stains the leaves red as you lye dying in the dirt.

I sprint towards you and I throw myself at your side.

Wet tears roll down my cheeks as I hold your hand and watch you gasp for breath.

Your rapid breathing soon quickly slows as you are an inch from death.

I am oblivious to everything around me.

You look up at me with saddened eyes as your heart slowly stops.

I weep as I watch the heavens take your soul away from me.

You are now truly gone.

I close your eyelids and kiss your forehead, everything comes rushing back to me.

I stare horrified around me as I listen to the screams of those dying.

I watch men die even before their mangled bodies hit the blood-soaked ground.

Lifeless corpses lay even feet from myself.

I hear a noise, followed by a large army of men carrying bloody weapons by the forest across from me.

I froze horrorstricken as I notice the army charging right at me.

I rip your silver chain off from around your neck, and I run.

I trip over the dead, some even headless, bodies, as I try and save myself from the same fate that consumed you.

As I run, the moons rays hide themselves behind the graying clouds and I am plunged into total darkness...

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