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I live in you, yes it’s true
The boy you used to be
The man you are now
I live in you, you can’t forget me
Something’s missing
Part of you…me

Please, please remember me always
Remember my innocence of those childhood days
How young we were, how in love we fell with her
The memory never fades
I live in you

The man you are, the boy you once were
Lean up close and look in your mirror
Break it with thy fist and in the cracks you shall see
That still, from me to you, thee are a part of me

The blade, the shield, the mark, the field
Look closely into your reflection in the water
When the Luna rises high and the light is cast only on you
You’ll see my face; I forever live in you

Take me to your grave, man; bury me along
Hilt to your breast, my spirit within thy chest
You have not forgotten me and never will
For I a part of you and you a part of me

To Heaven we rise form your body and float together
A flock of doves, white wings and feathers
A memento of my passion for her falls to Earth
An Angel’s feather; we lived to death from till birth

In the sky, we watch over
Together, as one, together even as two
Babe, child man into elder
Though you were a man at heart you are still me, a child
Dwell with me in our new home
And let us be united one
You a man, I your childhood friend
I live in you, and thou never forget me

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