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Alright people. This is a FAN FICTION site, some of you are posting these stupid "randomness" crap without a point. Yes, some of it may be funny, but I have YET to find a good one. Most of them are retarded and a waste of time. Your cluttering up the site. (Even though this site is pretty small). I used to come here knowing that I'll be reading FAN FICTION of Zelda, and not some stupid crap that took 13 second to think up and write. Come on people! You may not agree with me, and that's fine. Yes I know some of the poems I have written are not *focused* around Zelda. But a lot of them could be looked upon as Zelda. But, these little randomness things, even though they are Zelda related, they're just plain... oh what is the word? Hmm, I'll go with "worthless". Yes, they're just worthess. My poems are actually poems, atleast I have written something to the point. Please, I ask you people, if you are going to write one of these "totally random" little "fics", make them funny! Don't make them pointless! Actually take the time to write them, and make them good! AND USE SPELL CHECKER!. Before you know it, this site is gonna be like! For those of you who are regular visiters to AS you would understand what I am saying.... That's all I have to say...

You may review and lemme know your opinion, or not. Doesn't matter. I just thought I'd let those who would take the time to read this, what I thought...

Flames are welcome.

Contact me if you have anything PERSONAL to say.

I'll most likely delete this next time I log on, which is not often.

I bid you a good day! -Supreme Ruler

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