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A tear fell down the Twilight Princess’ cheek.

“Link... see you later.” She said as Midna sent the tear towards the Mirror of Twilight, it’s magic causing it to crack. The Hylian Princess and The Hero of Twilight turned in shock. The Hero’s face turning into horror as the mirror transported its precious cargo back home, his eye catching her face one last time, her wonderful eyes disappearing as they too were sent back to their world. The Mirror shattered when she was gone. Tears came to Link’s eyes his friend, the one from the beginning of his crazy adventure. One of the only few who knew of his dark, furry secret. Zelda placed a hand comforting him. They were the only ones who really knew what happed these past few months. Little did they know that there were not the only two. Far above them, higher then the clouds, higher than the City in the Sky. From a sacred bowl the three Goddesses Nayru, Din and Farore watched the scene going on far below them. Farore feeling Link’s sadness. Nayru and Din smiling as the couple walked away from the stand that once housed the mirror.

 “Aww ain’t that a bit sad ain’t it, Farore?” Din asked Farore kept her tongue quiet. Not wishing to start an argument.

“Hey that’s not fair. Midna didn’t wish for any more evil to be formed by that mirror! Remember the monsters formed by the shards? That poor Yeti that was transformed into an Ice monster. Remember Din?!” Nayru shouted rising from her chair.

“Well sorry. Sorry that the brat I chose to be the wielder of the Triforce of power grew up to be an evil git. But then again if I didn’t we would have had this wondrous drama for us to watch would we?” Din asked waving her hand as if it didn’t matter 

“How can you say that-?” Farore started

“Relax Farore, I was joking. If I didn’t care, would I have token the Triforce of power from Ganon when I did?”

“The sages were right when they told Link that Ganon got that Triforce by some divine prank. And you’re the divine Prankster of Hyrule.” Nayru giggled.

“Is there any way the mirror can be fixed?” Farore asked out of the blue

“Why? You want your Linky to fall for Midny?” Din teased

“Yes there is... we can fix it.” Nayru said, holding Farore back from attacking Din.

“I know why don’t we have a little wager?” Din said, holding her Triforce piece that once belong to Ganon.

“What kind of wager?” Nayru asked

“Well me and Farore both know that you, Nayru, want Zelda and Link to marry and such. I want young love to overcome with Ilia and Link. And it’s pretty obvious that you want the Twil to fall for Link Farore. So a wager... who will Link fall for? Ilia? Zelda? Or Midna? Now what should we bet?”

“How about... the one who succeeds in guessing the correct answer, becomes the goddess of love as well as our original titles?” Nayru suggested

“Sounds good to me!” Farore smiled

“Right now the rules,” Nayru stated “First we are allowed to only intervene once with each couple. Second you cannot kill anyone to prevent another’s goddesses’ couple from getting together. Third do not intervene with other people so they encourage Link and whoever to love one-another.... I think that is it.”

“Fine!” Din grinned rubbing her hands together. “So it is a binding contract!”

“Yes,” Farore said offering her hand left to Din and her right to Nayru. Nayru took her hand in her left and offered her free hand to Din. Din took both hands so they were in a triangle. The contacted was sealed.

May the Best Goddess win

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