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The sky was gloomy and grey, the atmisphere was humid and sticky, the grass was damp and sqwashed under Jackson`s feet as he walked home.It was the anniversery of his parents death.Two years ago, they had gotten in a huge crash, starting with a drunk man who just stopped in the middle of the rode for no reason at all.Tears strolled down Jackson`s cheeks, his eyes were bloodshot from crying, his face pale from remembering that terrible night.He opened the door, closed it behind him, sat down on the couch and whiped his tears away.Jackson`s older sister, Joanne, stepped out of the kichen and sat down next to him.She put her hand on his back and consoled him,"It`s gonna be okay, Jacks."She assured.
"No it`s not!Mommy and daddy are gone!They`re gone!"
"I know.Calm down.I`m almost done with dinner."She got up and whent back in the kichen.Jackson grabbed the gamecube controller and turned it on.He loved to play the gamecube, it helped him simmer down when he was mad.Jackson was playing Orcaraina of Time and was playing a new file.His twentith new file that he`s finished.He had just started this file yesterday and was on the forest temple.Joanne pulled the salsbury staek out of the oven.She had made Jackson`s favorite, salsbury steak, white rice, and carrots.When Jackson was three, five years ago, he used to call it rasberry steak and they used to tease him about it."Jackson, dinner!", she called.He paused and slowly waled to the table.He sat down and they ate in silence.

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