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The sun rose over a lone house that was hidden far away from any cities inHyrule.It was a little house but not to small.It had a kichen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.Inside the house, a young man slept, or, at least tried to.He tossed and turned, and finally gave up and shot up.He quickly regretted that as a sharp pain emerged in his acheing head.He groaned and pushed the covers off of him.He walked over to the bathroom and turned the sink on.He cupped his hands under the running water and rubbed it on his face.He looked up in the mirror and sighed.He had sandy blonde, shaggy hair that rested just above his sholders.His eyes were a dark blue and they shined in the sunlight.His body was very muscular and tanned, like caramel.The young man just had on his green boxers.He walked to the kichen where he fixed a bowl of cereal.The cereal crunched under his teeth and after breakfeast, he whent back to his room, got dressed and walked outside.He played a soft melody on his orcarina his friend, Saria, had made for him before he left the forest and a reddish brown mare came trotting from no where impaticular.The young man hopped on and petted her snout, praising her.He yanked on the riens and galloped toward lake hilia.Once there, he layed down on the shore and listened to the quiet sound of nature as he tried to take a nap.A few minetes passed and he heard someone he really didn`t want to see right now."Link, ever since you quit adventuring, you`ve been so lazy!Get off your lazy ass and do something!"
"Ruto, go away."Link comanded, eyes still clsed.The zora princess snorted and walked up to Link.She slightly kicked his side and again and again.Link grabbed her foot and she fell to the ground.Link opened his eyes."There, I did something.Happy?"
"But you didn`t get off your lazy ass!"
"Too bad."Link argued.He got up and mounted his steed.Ruto put her hands on her hips and groaned as Link galloped away.He whent to the kokiri forest next.

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