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100 Years Ago, when the land was young, people were at war; this war was called the Race War. People vs. people, nation vs. nation, it was horrible. Hylians, Humans, Gorons, Zoras, Gerudos, Twili, and Kokiri, all of these nations were at war. The land of Hyrule was destroyed. Many people suffered from injuries, and many lost their lives. All seemed lost, until three young heroes appeared from nowhere. The princess of Hyrule, a Hylian who lived with the Kokiri, and a human who lived with all the nations were these heroes. With their powers and abilities, they stopped the war between them all. Peace was with them for a long time.

The Present
Seven crossroads in the middle of the field, one for each of the nations, Hylian, Gerudo, Goron, Zora, Twili, Kokiri, and Human. One person from each row appeared before them. Each of them was wearing black robes.

“So, do we start soon?” asked the Gerudo woman.

“Soon, it will be soon,” said the Goron man.

“We will start today, spread as many rumors as you can,” said the Human man.

“But are you sure it will work,” asked the Zora woman.

“It will, we will make sure of it,” said the Hylian man smirking.

“If these people are stupid enough like we thought…then everything will go according to plan,” said the Kokiri boy.

Then they all walked back to their nations.

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