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Item system
The Road to Exile is a game designed around various This is true of any game with random attribute items. In the path of exile, potions are not consumables, they have attribute affixes that can be changed. After the plot of the game is over, players can hit the "outer world map" around the world. These maps also have attribute affixes that can be transformed, making the map more difficult and rewarding. We remove the concept of using gold coins as the main currency in general games, and use the "stone" items that players hit as the currency for transactions. Existing item systems are carefully evaluated and carefully designed to fit the spirit of action adventure games.
Seasons and competitions
Playing Action One of the greatest joys of RPG is the fun of playing against other players at a new starting point! In the road of exile, we hope that everyone can experience this fun without destroying the mature economy and environment, so we will hold many independent short-term competitions each season. These competitions will allow all participants to Without affecting the original participation in the alliance, enjoy the fun of competing with others from the same starting line.
In addition to general competitions, challenge leagues are more likely to subvert the rules of the game and enjoy a more diverse path to exile. In the Totem Challenge Alliance, ancient totems will accompany monster groups to enhance their abilities. can help players quickly improve their strength in the game. In the accelerated alliance, monsters will move and attack 60% faster than usual.
From an hour to several months of competition, players can participate in these leagues to show their expertise in the game and compete with each other for high-value rewards.

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