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One day as G.D. was walking along Hyrule fields, he noticed a swift black light going from tree to tree…………. as though following him. It turned out to be none other than his cousin Jamin. G.D. is a tall, red haired, amber eyed, gerudo. G.D. was named after his Uncle Ganondorf. He was born by pure luck because gerudo boys are born only once every century. G.D.’s mother is Bamin. She is one of the prettiest gerudos. Unfortunately she was turned into a nine year old while a young girl named Mae was turned into an eighteen year old. Apparently they swapped ages by a difference of nine. Mae was a sweet little girl until she became an older teenager. Now Mae hangs out with a boy named Kyle. Kyle is a Sheikah. Mae is too. Oh yes. We mustn’t forget Phinx. Phinx is the female hero of time. She is wielder of the master sword feminine version. Phinx is Link’s daughter, Jamin’s worst enemy, and G.D.’s spouse.
Now speaking of G.D. “What are you doing here Jamin!?” asked G.D, “And why the hell are you following me?!” “How could you tell?” Jamin said in a smart alic tone. “Stop being such a smart ass. I know you were following me.!!!” Shouted G.D. Jamin opens her mouth to say a comeback but G.D. covers her mouth with his hand. Meanwhile Phinx is waiting just a few miles away when G.D. remembers why he left for his short journey to begin with. G.D. bends down to give her a hug to scare her off and you know what?. It worked. Speeding off she went.
G.D. ran towards the place where Phinx was waiting. As G.D. approaches, Phinx runs and pounces into his arms. She puts her arms around his neck as though trying to strangle him but instead gives him a nice kiss. All of a sudden Jamin shows up out of nowhere. Phinx, very surprised, acts quickly. Running in circles she hits a tree and hides behind G.D. Then, before he could pull his sword, he is tabbed by the blade of Jamin but is okay. Phinx then runs in circles, takes out her sword to stab Jamin, but as she slashes her sword, Jamin disappears with the blink of an eye.
Phinx gently pulls the dagger from G.D.’s chest and finds that he was wearing armor and the dagger was bent. Although G.D. had no serious injuries, Phinx had a very mild concussion from the trees and passes out. G.D. carefully picks up Phinx and takes her home. Well, until the next meeting oh G.D. and Jamin we shall write again.

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