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Chapter I: The Mask Lives “Pro-log”

There was so much rain Link could hardly see, he was moving at a very slow pace. Epona was struggling to move, Link was fatigued, as he strolled through the woods a boy ran up screaming for him, the boy was saying the mask lived and was back at Clock Town, it doesn’t want to destroy Clock Town… it wants to destroy Link. Link, not even hearing all the words from not eating in days, just asked for food, the boy took him back to Clock town, Link was discouraged cause after all that time he was back in Clock Town. He ate and finally heard what had happened. All he could say was “How did he live?” The Mask after being killed and caught had escaped and now controlled the mask guy. Link just stared, and as if something was behind the kid his eyes lit up and ran out the door, he left south clock town, jumped on Epona and down to Woodfall, he played the song of soaring and soared to the Temple to find out that he had to beat it all over again, he went inside the Temple, a man, wearing a cloak came up and explained that he was not to beat this temple, but the others not known to anyone but him, he threw a map at Link and threw something Link had seen a long time ago and in one big flash he was gone. He looked down at the item and held it up high in the air, he was holding the seven medallions he had gotten a couple years ago. He went into the forbidden forest saying he would be back in a month, he got to the Temple of Time and inside was the wise man… He said that he had to go to a place beyond the temples, beyond Clock Town, he had to go to a forest no man has been in, it was called the unknown forest and that’s wear the 5 temples and Majora was, Majora is twice as strong and can destroy anything he wants without leaving his room. The mask is almost unrecognizable from the last and consumes the whole body. Link new what he had to do

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