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As we know of it today, there are four "worlds" One is a large buetiful place, where those who were holy, generous and valiant in life came to rest when the cold hand of death struck them. This place was boundless, with the sacred temple of light deep within the middle. It was here, in this place that the vessel of all that was holy was located. . . That seperated the other "universes".
The first world was a very distant place, possibly created by mistake. There was no knowlage of any sort of religion of any kind here, and there was a large town right in the middle. The second world was created from the sacred realm itself. This place was the gateway into the realm, with a temple surrounding the area to worship the gods. This place was aware of the realm, the gods, the triforce. . . It was truly no mistake. The third was small and unknown by travelers, just a tiny little island. . .
Where the town was in the first universe, it's alternate is a ranch. At the ranch, the owner's duaghter, a small girl, rather fragile despite her proffesion, had made it her job to care for the animals.
Her life had always been a happy one until recently, and now her only friends were the animals themselves. She had always played with the princess when her father delivered milk to the castle. The princess was a free spirit who loved the outdoors, but as she was older with more responsibilities, she could never talk. It was on such a delivery that she had met a boy. He became her best friend, though she never even learned his name. She just called him the fairy boy. But he had dissapeared two years before, when she was 16. . . So now her only friends were the animals. She was insanely lonely.


A window suddenly busted open from the upstairs window. Malon steped onto the window pane and stared down at the ground. . . She let a tear drizzle from the cornor of her eye. She closed her eyes and let her body go limp. She prepared to fall to the ground, and droped. As she fell, she waited for the sweet embrace of death. But suddenly, one thought crossed her mind, and she needed to stop herself. She screamed and grabbed the window pane. She stopped falling and let out a huge sigh of relief, happy to be alive.
"You okay up there?" a voice shouted. Malon looked down and let out a huge gasp. Standing there was a boy about a year older than her. He was wearing nothing but green. He had bangs that hung lose in front of his face. Malon looked down at the boy, her best friend who had dissapeared two years erlier. It was the fairy boy. She smiled down at him and let go, knowing that he would catch her, and he did. She embraced him, out of sheer surprise and happiness, and with a huge burst of emotion whispered, "Welcome back." He gently stroked her hair, with his eyes staring straight into hers. He kissed her on the forehead and they rode off into the distance on his horse.

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