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I died that day.
I died when i watched you walk away.
You turned away from me.
You left me to be,
Alone in this world to die.
You said bye,
to me,
and you left me,
for another.
There was no other,
for me,
than you.
You threw,
my love for you,
I died that day.
The day you left me,
for her.
After that,
everything was a blur.

Life after death.
I died when you left me.
when i saw you,
i live.
I live for revenge.
I avenge,
for you leaving me.
there's life after death.
My death,
was when you left me.
My life,
is to kill you.
You killed me,
when you left me.
You left me to be,
And now,
i'll kill you.
I'll kill you,
to be alone.
To be alone,
in hell.
I leave you,
to burn.
To burn in hell.
But now,
i do not yearn for your love.
I yearn for your death.

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