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I lay here and can't help but think...

Death isn't so bad really.

All your pain leaves your body.

You're left with peace.

So please don't cry for me.

Don't feel bad for me.

I lay here on the blood soaked ground and think...

I did my part in the world.

But, it's good for me to leave.

I can't help but think it was murder.

I know it's not...

But the thought keeps showing up.

I killed men.

But, was it really for a good cause?

You lay over me and cry.

I wish you wouldn't.

I may be leaving this world,

but I'll never leave your heart.

As the light fades,

and the darkness covers my senses,

you scream for me not to leave you.

I don't want to leave you,

but I have to.

I don't want you to cry for me when I'm gone.

If you love me,

you must move on.

As I'm dying,

Your warm and salty tears fall from your face.

As I take my last breaths,

I just want to say:

"I love you."

The darkness covers my mind,

and my heart stops beating.

You're afraid to let me go,

so you embrace me tightly.

If you let go of me,

all memories we had together will vanish.

You knew I wanted you to be happy.

So you let your last tears fall,

and kiss my lips.

You finally let me go,

and I disappear.

You're ready to move one,

to be loved by someone else,

and to love them back.

I know you're doing this just for me...

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