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Zelda I Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual to Zelda I

Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System The Legend of Zelda Pak. Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for further reference.
* This Game Pak can only be used with the NES (Control Deck)
 1) Do not leave the GAMEPak in extreme temperatures.
 2) Do not immerse water.
 3) Do not clean with benzene, thinner, alcohol or other such solvents.


Link's Adventure Begins Here
Basic Wisdom
Treasure - The Magic and the Mystery
The Overworld
The Underworld
The Legend Of Zelda ABC's

      A long, long time ago the World was in an age of Chaos. In the middle of this chaos, in a little kingdom in the land of Hyrule,a legend was being banded down from generation to generation, the legend of the "Triforce"; golden triangles possessing mystical powers.
      One day, an evil army attacked this peaceful little kingdom and stole the Triceforce of Power. This army was led by Gannon, the powerful Prince of Darkness who sought to plunge the World into fear and darkness under his rule. Fearing his wicked rule, Zelda, the princess of this kingdom, split up the Triforce of Wisdom into eight fragments and hid them throughout the realm to save the last remaining Triforce from the cluthes of the evil Ganon. At the same time, she commanded her most trustworthy nursemaid, Impa, to secretly escape into the land and go find a man with enough courage to destroy the evil Gannon. Upon heraing this, Ganon grew angry, imprisoned the princess, and sent out a party in search of Impa.
      Braving forests and mountains, Impa fled for her life from her pursuers. As she reached the very limit of her energy, she found herself sourrounded by Gannon's evil henchmen. Cornered! What could
she do? ... But wait!
      All was not lost. A young lad appeared. He skillfully drove off Ganon's henchmen, and saved Impa from a fate worse than death. His name was Link. During his travels, he had come across Impa and Ganon's henchmen. Impa told Link the whole story of the princess Zelda and the evil Ganon. Burning with a sense of justice, Link resolved to save Zelda, but Ganon was a powerful opponent. He held the Triforce of Power. And so, in order to fight off Ganon, Link had to bring the scattered eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom together to rebuild the mystical Triangle.
      If he couldn't do this, there would be no chance Link could fight his way into Death Mountain where Ganon lived. Can Link really destroy Ganon and save the Princess Zelda? Only your skill can answer that question. Good luck. Use the Triforce wisely.


Creating your own link Character:

      Link, the hero of the game, does not yet exist. Create Link by registering your name. You may create a total of three different characters.
      Load the game pak in the unit and turn the power supply on. The title display appears and the demonstration begins. Press the START button. Another display appears. Line up the heart with REGISTER YOUR NAME using the SELECT button. Press the START button. A third display appears. Use the SELECT button to line up the heart with the Link you want to name. Enter your name (up to 8 letters) using the control Pad (to select a letter) and the A button (to see a letter).
      Once you have registered your name, line up the heart with REGISTER END, and then press the START button.

Erasing an Old Link Character:

      If you want to start your game with a new Link character, you can erase all the old Link data using the ELIMINATION MODE. Line up the heart with ELIMINATION MODE and press the START button. Move the heart to the Link you want to erase and press the START button to erase the name. Move the heart to ELIMINATION END and press START again. This permanently erases all data for that Link. To create a new Link, enter your name like you did at the beginning.

Starting the game:

      When you have created a Link, you are ready to start. Using the SELECT button, move the heart to the Link you want and press the START button.

"GAME OVER" Options:

      The game is over when Link's power level is zero. At this time, you have three options; CONTINUE, SAVE and RETRY. Choose one by using SELECT button and then pressing START.

 (1) CONTINUE (Carry on with the game)
This will start a new game where the last one ended. Link will keep all his possessions from the last game and will start with three life power hearts.

 (2) SAVE (Store the Game information for later play)
This will store al Link's possessions in your Game Pak's memory so you continue with the same game later on.

 (3) RETRY (Erase the Current Game Information)
This will return you to the starting Menu Display without saving any information from the last game. Begin a new game by selecting a Link character as usual.

 * If your game ends while you are in a labyrinth, and you select CONTINUE, your game continues from the entrance to that labyrinth. Otherwise, you start from the beginning.

 * Do not press the POWER or RESET switches from the time that you have saved the game up to when the select display appears. If you do this, you may loose the data.

 * If you are saving your game data for later play, you must keep the RESET switch pressed when turning off the power. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your stored game data.

Playing With a Friend:

      Take turns. At the end of your game, select SAVE or RETRY and press START. Your friend can start a game using a different Link. To start a different game, always store the game in memory (SAVE) and turn off the power supply to the unit.

Stopping the Game:

      At any time, you may end your game. With the sub screen displayed, simultaneously press the A button on Controller 2 and the Control Pad. You can cancel the game by doing this.

 * The battery is used to retain the player's data for five years. However, depending on the conditions under which the game pak is kept (such as exposure to high temperatures, etc.), the life of the battery may be shortened.


Let's start Link's Journey!
Let's get on with the game and begin Link's battle with evil. But first, let's master some basics.

How to use the controller:

Arrow pad : Moves Link/Selects "B" item
SELECT   : Pause/Restart buttons
START     : For selecting main/sub screen
A              : For attacking with the sword
B              : For using and attacking with gadgets (treasures etc.)

What are the "main" and "sub" screens?

     Use these two screens skillfully to do well in this game. The main screen displays Link as he's fighting the enemy and shows what's going on around him. The sub screen displays his treasures. If you change over to the sub screen, you can choose any treasure by moving the Control Pad left or Right.

Link meets all sorts of challenges above and under ground.

Fighting first starts in the Overworld.

The Overworld:
      Link must fight many enemies in a beautiful world of forests, lakes, and mountains. Some good people living in these places will help him.

The Underworld:
      The Underworld is a maze of dangerous labyrinths with more enemies than the owerworld. The Fragments of the Triforce of Wizdom are hidden somewhere inside these labyrinths.

Let's learn some skills for battling the enemy.

Learn the basics of how to defend yourself and destroy the enemy.

Use the Sword!
      To inflict damage on almost all of the enemy. Use buttom A for the Sword. The enemy will flash when wounded, and will be knocked backwards. There are three types of swords, each with different
striking power. They are frame A at the top of the main screen.

Use the treasures!
      Link can use the treasures instead of the sword. Use the button B to get to these treasures. The treasures that Link can use right now are displayed in frame B above the main screen.

Use the Shield!
      When Link is not attacking, use the shield to fend off the enemy's attacks. There are some enemy attacks that Link can't defend against.

 * Shield
Link has this from the start of the game. Use it to protect him from the enemy's spears and rocks.

 * Magic Shield
This is a bigger shield. Use it to fend off the enemy's spells and rocks, and Zola's beam.

The white hearts tells you how wounded Link is!
      As the enemy attacks Link, the life hearts at the top of the main screen turn white. These hearts show show how much life Link has. The red hearts are Link's life force. When all the hearts turns white, Link is dead. When all the hearts are red, can Link throw his sword to attack the enemy from a distance.

(You can find many entrances to get into the labyrinths in the ruins. However, sometimes you can find them hidden deep in the forrests or Mountains.)

TREASURE - The Magic and the Mystery.

      As Link continues his adventure, he may find loads of magical items. If you don't know how to use them, Link will never be able to defeat Ganon!

 1. Rupees!
Rupees are money. They sometimes appear when Link disposes of the enemy. If Link collects enough rupees (up to 255 yellow rubies), he can buy treasures from the merchant. Blue rupees are worth 5 times more than the yellow ones.

 2. Heart container and heart!
The heart container increases the number of life hearts. A red heart also turns a white heart to a red. If Link defeats the enemy and rescues the fairy, she will turn all the white hearts red.

 3. Key and magic key!
Link needs these to open the doors in the labyrinths. Link can use the magic key over and over again. "A" appears when he got the key.

 4. Ladder!
This treasure lets Link cross holes or rivers. (level 4)

 5. Raft!
Link can float across seas and lakes when he launches this from a
 dock. (level 3)
(Note: Link can't launch the raft unless he's at a dock. During the game there will be some places Link won't be able to get to without using his raft.)

 6. Map of the labyrinths and compass!
Link can discover the layout of the labyrinths with the map, and using the compass he can find out where the Triforce fragments are hidden.

 7. Letter to the little old lady!
Choose this letter at the sub menu by pressing button B. Link can show the letter to the little old lady who lives inside the cave.

 8. Blue and red rings!
The blue ring halves the damage inflicted by the enemy, and the red ring reduces damage to one quater.

 9. Power bracelet!
This bracelet gives Link amazing strength. He can lift giant rocks.

 10. Magical clock!
The enemy stops moving when Link has this. It works only for the screen he's presently at.

What you can find when you press button B.

 1. Wodden boomerang and magical boomerang!
Link can use these to damage weak enemies. He can stop most of the enemies by throwing the boomerang. The magical boomerang flies further than the wodden boomerang.

 2. Bomb!
Link can overpower the enemy with the explosive blast of a bomb. For each bomb Link picks up, he get's 4 bombs. Link can carry at most eight bombs. At the start of the game, he can't carry more than 8 bombs.

 3. Bow, and wodden and silver arrows!
Link can use them only if he has both the bow and arrow. For each arrow Link shoots, he loses one rupee. There are some enemies that can only be defeated by the bow and arrow.

 4. Blue and red candles!
Use them to brighten up dark labyrinth rooms. Blue candles are good for one screen only, but the red ones can light up rooms for serveral screens.

 5. Whistle!
A really mysterious item with magical powers. (level 5)

(Note: The whistle is the most mysterious of all the treasures in this game. Blow the whistle and it'll let out a strange sound. People says it opens paths for Link.)

 6. Enemy bait!
Link can use this bait to lure the enemy and defeat them as they come to eat it. This doesn't work for all of the enemy.

 7. Water of life!
Drink this to turn all of link's life hearts red. Red water turns blue when Link sips it. Drink the blue water and that's the last of the water.

 8. Magic Wand!
This is the Wand that Wizzrobe uses. Wave it to let loose magic spells. If Link picks up the Book of Magic and learns some new spells, he can chant some fiery spells and send out flames. (level 6)

Now let's get the Triforce together!

Triforce levels

      The fragments of the Triforce are hidden in the many labyrinth levels. They are arranged as shown here.



      All of Link's LIFE hearts turn red when he finds a Triforce fragment in a labyrinth, and he will return to the labyrinth entrance. The Triforce fragments are displayed in the sub screen at each level. Once Link has collected the last fragment, Link can warp to the entrance to the ninth labyrinth by blowing the whistle and summoning the whirlwind.


      In order to get the eight Triforce fragments, Link must first move around above ground and find an entrance to the underground labyrinths. Let's introduce some basics of how to travel in the Overworld.
      At the start of the game look at the top left of the main screen. You see a little map there. This is Link's radar. Use it to check roughly where he is. Link will appear at the scene on the right in new games.
      Use the cross button to move Link to the edge of the screen. When you get there, it scrolls right and you enter the neighboring scene. Do the same to move Link to the next scene.

Link can meet all sorts of people above ground, not just enemies.

      All sorts of people live in the caves above ground. When Link meets them he can buy all sorts of weapons, and get them to tell him loads of useful information.
      To buy things from the merchant, get Link to pick up what he wants. If Link is going to pay money for information, then point to the number of rupees
 he wants to pay. The merchant will ignore Link if he hasn't got enough rupees.

The nasty characters Link bumps into in the Overworld.

 1. Tektite
These spidery things that jump, have little fighting power. Red ones move about faster than blue ones.

 2. Octorok
An octopus, red or blue, that lives above the ground. The blue ones spit out rocks at Link.

 3. Leever
They live in the ground and eat up the energy of creatures that approach them. Blue Leevers are a little stronger.

 4. Peahat
The ghost of a flower with little attacking power. Link can eliminate it only when it's standing still.

 5. Molblin
A bulldog-like goblin who lives in the forest. He attacks by throwing spears.

 6. Armos
A fairly strong soldier who has been turned into a stone statue. He moves and attacks if touched by Link.

(Hint: The water of life is a medicine that can beat anything. So, those who don't have the right credentials can't buy it)

 7. Ghini
A ghost as strong as Armos who lives in the graveyard. There are two types; Ghinis who are there from the start, and those who appears when Link touches the gravestones.

 8. Lynel
Guards Death Mountain. Link's little shield can't stop his sword attacks.

 9. Zola
Half-fish, half-woman who lives in the water. She attacks by spitting out a ball that Link's little shield can't hold back.

 10. Rock
These indestructible rocks fall off Death Mountain to attack Link.

The faries in the springs give Link extra life.

      Faries live in the springs here and there. They have a magical power that turns all of Link's LIFE hearts back to red.

Caves are hidden here and there.

      Caves are not only in the places you can see. Link might be able to pass through the pathways he hasen't been able to get through. He has to use something else to do this.

(Hint: Legend has it that there are caves in every possible place above ground. Link is bound to find then as long as he has enough power.)


      Now that Link's found an entrance to the labyrinths, he can begin his fight to find the Triforce fragments. Once inside the labyrinths, the above ground radar at the top left of the screen turns into a radar of the labyrinths. If Link has the map of the labyrinths, then the map also will be displayed on the radar. There's also the LEVEL display. If you think that the present labyrinth LEVEL is too tough for Link, judging from previous experience, then you'd better get out fast!

Let's walk around inside the labyrinth.

      Let's try moving Link around in various directions. He has to use candles to light up the pitch-black rooms. Link leaves tracks behind him as he goes forward.

The inside of the labyrinth is made up of lots of rooms.

      Each of the blocks in the labyrinths are rooms closed by : (1) blocks that Link can through whenever he wants, (2) shutters with doors and devices that won't open unless he's got the key, (3) and walls.

There are other treasures as well as the Triforce.

      Link can find lots of other treasure (eg. heart containers). Link will never make it to Death Mountain if he doesen't get these and the Triforce.

Find the map of the nine labyrinths & the compass.

      The map and compass are very handy in the labyrinths. The picture below shows some notes that Link wrote down from what Impa told him. Find the map.

(Hint: In the caves where people live are invisible closed doors.)

The enemies that attack Link in the underground labyrinths.

 1. Zol & Gel
Zols are Jelly-like monsters that split into two Gels when cut by Link. Gels have less attacking power than Zols.

 2. Rope
A poisonous snake with little attacking power. It senses other creatures quickly and suddenly comes after them.

 3. Vire & Keese
Vire is a devil that splits into Keeses when cut by Link's sword. Keeses have less attacking power.

(Hint: The game will be easier for you if you always go where the fairy lives just after starting the game.)

 4. Stalfos
A skeleton with attacking power.

 5. Wall Master
A monster hand that appears out of the labyrinth wall. If it catches Link, it takes him back to the entrance of the labyrinth.

 6. Goriya
A blue or red little devil that uses boomerangs. Blue Goriyas are stronger.

 7. Wizzrobe
The powerful Master of Movement. He appears here and there letting out magic spells that Link's little shield can't hold back.

 8. Darknut
A knight with lots of attacking power. He repels Link's attacks from the front with his shield.

 9. Pols Voice
A ghost with big ears and a weak point - he hates loud noise.

 10. Lanmola
A fast-moving gigantic centipede. Attacking his head won't work.

 11. Like Like
A tube-like monster that eats magic shields.

 12. Gibdo
A powerful Mummy Man with strange powers.

 13. Moldorm
The huge worm living in the labyrinths. It grows smaler as Link attacks.

 14. Dodongo
A giant Rhinocerus with little attacking power. It bounces off attacks with its thick hide.

 15. Manhandla
A large, mean man-eating flower with four hands. It moves faster as it looses it hands.

 16. Aquamentus
A Unicorn having lots of attacking power. It emits beams.

 17. Patra
The Patra attack in strong groups.

(Hint: More often that not, the shutter devices are closed by the magical power of the enemy in that room. So dispose of the enemy.)

 18. Digdogger
Big, strong sea urchins. They shrivel up when attacked.

 19. Gohma
The super-huge crab with a hard shell that repulses any attack. Attack its weak point with a special weapon.

 20. Gleeok
A huge dragon that has 2 to 4 heads and spits out beams at Link. The heads cut off by Link fly around in the air

 21. Head of Gleeok

 22. Bubble
The spirit of the dead. When it catches Link, he won't be able to unsheath his sword for while.

 23. Traps and Stone Statues
They suddently attack Link when he approaches them.

    * Once the traps move, they don't move until they've gone back to their original positions. Take this opportunity to go forward.

And now the fight to death with Ganon!

      Link has now collected the eight fragments and completed the Triforce of Wisdom. Now he's ready to fight Ganon in the depths of Death Mountain!

 * Link's no match for Ganon and his might. Whatever attack Link uses, Ganon just repels him. But if Link uses the magical sword and some other object, he'll manage to topple the mighty Ganon.

(Hint: Pay attention to the rooms Link can't get to in the map. There are hidden passageways in the rooms that Link's already passed through.)


The complete strategy for getting to Level 1 - Eagle

      We're going to help you out in the following pages, and teach you how to reach the first Triforce fragment.

First go to the cave!
When Link stes out on his travels, he can see a cave before him. Go into this cave.

Now get the sword!
Inside the cave, Link'll find an old man who tells Link to take the sword for his adventures.

Go Noth young man!
With this sowrd in hand, go North. Here Link will have his first fights. They're weak fighters compared to those coming later.

Then East into the forest!
Link will come out into a forrest if he goes East. Fight the enemy skillfully using the trees as cover.

Keep on fighting in the forest!
Go North and keep on fighting. You'll need all the treasures you can get later on in the game!

Go North and to the lake!
Go North again, and to the lake. Zola, the monster in the lake, will attack Link. If Link doesen't fight her off skillfully, that'll be the end of Link.

Link's found the bridge!
While Link is advancing North, he comes across the bridge. Fight the enemy here and get as many LIFE hearts as possible.

Cross the bridge to the Eagle labyrinth
When Link crosses the bridge he will find Eagle - the level 1 underground labyrinth. Now find the map and compass. Take the Triforce fragment and as much treasure as possible.

(Hint: Link will surprise himself if he hits upon Pols Voice's weak point.)

/!\ WARNING /!\

Do not use a front or rear television with your Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES") and NES games. Your projection television screen may be permanently damaged if video games with stationary scenes or patterns are displayed on your projection television. Similar damage may occour if you place a video game on hold or pause. If you use your projection television with NES games, Nintendo will not be liable for any damage. This situation is not caused by a defect in the NES or NES games; other fixed or repetitive images may cause similar damage to a projection television. Please contact your TV manufacturer for further information.

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